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ASCs are the Clear Choice for Cataract Surgery

ASCs are the Clear Choice for Cataract Surgery Ophthalmology Management | The Ophthalmic ASC, February 2021 Written by: Regina Boore, MS, BSN, RN, CASC “Cataract surgery is one of those rare procedures that goes beyond solving a problem or curing a disease; it literally transforms lives. Sight restoration through cataract surgery markedly improves quality of […]

Survey Watch

Survey Watch Administrative EyeCare, Jul/Aug 2019 Written by: Vanessa Sindell, MSN, BSN, RN “Ambulatory Surgery Centers(ASCs) have been in the news lately and for all the wrong reasons. In March 2018, USA Today and Kaiser Health News joined forces and published two such articles: “How a Push to Cut Costs and Boost Profits at Surgery […]

Informed Consent in Your ASC

Informed Consent in Your ASC Administrative EyeCare, Sep/Oct 2019 Written by: Debra Stinchcomb, MBA, BSN, RN, CASC “While ASCs require that the patient gives an informed consent, the process actually begins in the surgeon’s office. Informed consent is a process rather than “the” form that we are all so focused on getting signed. The goal […]