The 2022 ASC Nurse Leadership Conference

Written by: Courtney Leonis, Director of Operations, PSS Division and Regina Boore, MS, BSN, RN, CASC, Executive Vice President, Executive Consultant, Principal.

At Progressive Surgical Solutions (PSS), we are in the business of developing and managing surgery centers. Our many years of experience recruiting, supporting, training, and mentoring ambulatory surgery center (ASC) nurse leaders has given us a unique understanding of the challenges they face. We’ve seen firsthand how clinical director leadership determines a facility’s success by directly impacting clinical compliance, operational efficiency, standard of care, employee satisfaction, patient safety, and ultimately, financial success. We have also seen the tremendous, unique opportunity these leaders have to shape and elevate their organizational culture.

It has become our passion to empower these clinical directors in an industry that often undervalues them. From this passion, the ASC Nurse Leadership Conference (NLC) was born.

February 2020 | A Successful Launch

When building the ASC NLC, our goal was for each session to be relevant and valuable to everyone in the room. That value was recognized by the attendees of our inaugural Nurse Leadership Conference, which took place on Feb. 6, 2020. The 54 ASC nurse leaders who gathered in Dallas, Texas — hailing from 22 states and representing multiple surgical specialties — gave feedback that was both forthcoming and unanimous.

“This is the first conference I’ve attended where every speaker gave me something to take back to my ASC. The variety of topics actually encompassed what I do as a nurse leader and addressed the struggles I face on a daily basis. It gave me so many tools to grow and develop myself and my staff. Highly recommend!”

“The ASC Nurse Leadership Conference was just what I was looking for. It had great and pertinent sessions for the ASC leader, which is what drew me to attend this conference over others. The speakers did not disappoint; I loved their enthusiasm and passion to help each of us. It was a very refreshing and inspiring conference.”

At the conclusion of the conference, we asked attendees to share their primary objective or action item. Their goals were bold but practical — and certainly attainable. Upon returning to the surgery center, nurse leaders reported their intentions to:

  • Prioritize their own health and well-being by practicing more self-care.
  • Maintain a culture of safety by implementing new policies.
  • Track ASC financials more thoroughly by establishing better systems.
  • Enact or strengthen their open-door policy to facilitate better staff communication.

The entire PSS team was thrilled knowing we had accomplished our goal of providing a worthwhile event that was both inspiring and impactful. It was hard to fathom that just a few weeks later, the world as we knew it would turn upside-down. The pandemic hit hard. The conference seemed like a distant memory as we began to navigate the complicated waters of COVID-19.


Two years later, ASC nurse leaders — like most health care professionals — are burnt out. Ever-changing COVID guidance and massive staffing shortages continue to create new professional challenges. Meanwhile, personal challenges, including lost loved ones, school closures, escalating inflation, and seemingly perpetual uncertainty, are only adding pressure.

With all of these compounding factors, there has never been a more critical period to invest in the satisfaction, growth, and development of ASC nurse leaders. For this reason, the ASC Nurse Leadership Conference will return to Dallas in 2022 from March 3-4 at the NYLO Las Colinas Hotel.

2022 ASC NLC Details

When we set out to develop the 2022 ASC NLC program, we knew it was important to include sessions on regulatory compliance, as well as clinical and business operations. We asked ourselves: What does all of this mean for the ASC nurse leader? What are the specific challenges they face in each of these areas, especially as it relates to the current climate? What opportunities or resources are available to help leaders improve the culture and operation of their organization as it relates to these topics?

Our answers to these questions helped us build the 2022 ASC Nurse Leadership Conference Program, which will include the following dynamic events:

Building a National Community

The most consistent sentiment shared by 2020 ASC NLC attendees was the overwhelming sense of community. For some of these nurses, it was the first time they were able to connect with so many peers who walk in their shoes. Many have since joined our private Facebook group for ASC nurse managers, and some are also members of Progressive eSupport, an online community and ASC management resource. Our hope is that the ASC Nurse Leadership Conference will become an annual reunion that facilitates the continual growth of this vibrant, resilient community.

We have a vision statement here at PSS: “We strive to build an international movement of ASC professionals committed to operational excellence. Through engaged leadership, they will advance patient care and transform surgery center culture.” The ASC Nurse Leadership Conference is essential to achieving this vision, and we hope you’ll consider joining us, along with our valued sponsors who help make this event possible.

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