Consultant Services


Building an ASC is such a complicated endeavor that the single most important person is the consultant. I have been extremely impressed by Progressive’s knowledge, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. They know every aspect of the industry, and have the experience and the contacts that are indispensable. I couldn’t be happier with their services.

David F. Chang, MD, OwnerPeninsula Eye Surgery CenterMountain View , CA

If you need help with your ASC, PSS are the ones to call

I knew it would not be easy when I was recruited to help lead the non-profit Pacific Vision Foundation (PVF) and bring its brand-new Pacific Vision Surgery Center (PVSC) to sustainability. One reason why I accepted the job and the challenge, was because I knew that Progressive Surgical Solutions (PSS) had been involved with the planning of PVSC and during different phases of the start-up during the pandemic.

I cannot recommend PSS highly enough. PSS has over 30 years experience in Ophthalmology Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), most of them physician owned. While our PVSC is 89% controlled by a nonprofit, PSS approached the challenge with ingenuity and a steady hand. The caliber of the PSS Business Plan was a key document for me when I came on board, and during what was an intense turn-around phase, PSS was there for existing and newly recruited team members alike. PSS has the regulatory, clinical and the financial expertise to support ASCs. They successfully supported us in a key process to bring in new doctors and volume, and has been absolutely critical in the establishment of industry standard policies and procedures, revenue cycle management tools, clinical staff trainings, in services and more. They even helped us bring on an in-house biller. If you need help with your ASC, PSS are the ones to call.

Viveka Rydell-Anderson JD, MSChief Executive Officer

AAAHC Re-accreditation with Zero Deficiencies

I would like to sincerely thank the PSS team for their guidance and recommendations as our Center prepared for AAAHC re-accreditation.  I have been the Administrator at NWO Orthopedic Surgery Center since June 2020 with our re-accreditation expiring January 2022.  Our previous administrator provided guidance based on the initial survey for the Center in 2019 as well as suggested we reach out to PSS to perform a mock survey.  This was the best decision I could make in my new role and was well worth the investment.  Crissy Benze, Vanessa Sindell, and John Crowder made an amazing team and prepared us for all aspects of the survey, including Life Safety Code. With their guidance, we successfully  achieved AAAHC re-accreditation with zero deficiencies!  I highly recommend the Progressive Surgical Solutions team.
Paula MIller, RNSurgery AdministratorNWO Orthopedic Surgery Center Findlay, OH

Confident and Well Prepared

We retained the expert services of Progressive Surgical Solutions and were immediately pleased with the vast knowledge they provided us. None of us in the practice have ever had any experience in the ambulatory health care setting, however, I was confident that the project could be completed as I knew that PSS had the experience to lead us every step of the way. They kept abreast with the standards and any new updates on standards were swiftly provided to us for implementation. Given the controversy of an endoscopy center in Las Vegas in the recent years, we wanted to ensure that our practices would emphasize patient safety so that we could convey the message to the public that having endoscopic tests are indeed safe if standards are always met. Thankfully, with the guidance of PSS, we were able to obtain our ASC license from the state after a survey with zero deficiencies.  We were confident and well prepared for our survey by The Joint Commission shortly afterwards and we were pleased that it, too, went very well. Now, after receiving our accreditation certificate, we have started performing cases in our ASC and continue to operate with utmost confidence that if a survey should happen in the future, we have more than enough knowledge and experience to surpass the requirements of the survey.

Jose Raphael "JR" Villablanca de Mendoza, RN, BSN

Pertinent and useful surgery center operations guidance

Regina Boore, of Progressive Surgical Solutions, and her team of professional ASC consultants were instrumental in identifying potential deficiencies in the Retina Surgery Center’s imminent Joint Commission accreditation and deeming survey. Regina and her team worked collaboratively with RSC management and staff in developing an aggressive action plan, monitoring progress, and supplying policies and other documentation materials to replace or supplement existing RSC materials. With their timely and knowledgeable participation, RSC obtained their accreditation and Progressive Surgical continues to provide pertinent and useful surgery center operational guidance.

Jerry KlikaThe Retina Surgery CenterBellevue, WA

A sense of confidence in knowing you will do well

Progressive Surgical Solutions, LLC was very instrumental in preparing us for our AAAHC reaccreditation survey. They guided us step-by-step through the process. The development and implementation of our new manuals was critical to keeping us current and organized. Going through an initial or reaccreditation survey is not an easy task; however having PSS in your corner gives you a sense of confidence in knowing you will do well. The knowledge and expertise of this all “female” team is undeniably the best! A BIG Thanks to our PSS Team! We would highly recommend Progressive Surgical Solutions, LLC.

Le’Vonia Gourgue, Administrator
Yodit Haileab, RN Nurse Manager
Hanover Parkway Surgery CenterBloomington , MD

Vast knowledge and experience

We had the pleasure and good fortune to work with PSS on the development of our ASC. This company was admirably capable of navigating past potential problems and pitfalls with grace and expertise. They got the job done with no significant mishaps or expensive oversights. The level of expertise, attention to detail, vast knowledge and experience that they brought to the project, in many cases, exceeded the performance of many of our other highly reputable consultants (attorneys, architects, etc). They did an outstanding job for us.

Michael Wolff, MD, OwnerNorth Scottsdale Ambulatory Surgery CenterScottsdale , AZ

Stellar and second to none

Probably the most critical ingredient in the execution of a plan to build and launch an ophthalmic ASC is to involve an ASC consultant from day one. In short, the PSS team has an incredible ability to sift through the noise and get the job done, expertly and expeditiously and most importantly, make you feel they are part of your staff. The entire Progressive Surgical Solutions team is stellar and second to none. I cannot think of a reason that I would ever have embarked on this project without them.

Larry Piazza, MD, OwnerCoastal Eye Surgery CenterEllsworth , ME

Energy, experience, oversight, organizational prowess

From the beginning it became vibrantly clear that Regina possessed the energy, experience, oversight, organizational prowess and interpersonal skills to help us create what is now a magnificent surgical center. We were so impressed, we asked her to remain as our facility manager….It is without reservation that I give my strongest support and recommendation to Regina Boore.

Lee Novick, MD, Managing PartnerNewport Bay Surgery CenterNewport Beach , CA

Exceptional Results

Our Facility has worked with Progressive Surgical Solutions for the past 5 years, from early development through state and Joint Commission surveys, with exceptional results. PSS provides excellent consulting and management services to our facility. Their vigilance in regulation and reimbursement updates helps insure our facility is on track at all times. I highly recommend PSS to anyone looking for ASC consulting services.

Kim Price, AdministratorCentral Kentucky Surgery CenterDanville , KY

Outstanding assistance

PSS provided outstanding assistance in the physical design, equipment and supply acquisition, program development and accreditation of our out patient cataract facility. Thanks to their great involvement, we have become a recognized model of eye care delivery for the nation.

Sean Singer, MD, Medical DirectorKensington Eye InstituteToronto , Ontario

Progressive helped us rise to the next level of providing exceptional patient care

Progressive Surgical Solutions was instrumental in our most recent re-accreditation for AAAHC deemed status survey. Crissy worked with us to update all of our Policy & Procedure manuals and gave us valuable input on improving compliance with day to day operations during her visit to our center. Her clinical knowledge and expertise of our specialty was especially helpful and the ongoing support and assistance from preparation through our actual survey was excellent. I have always been confident in the care we provided to our patients, but Progressive helped us rise to the next level of providing exceptional patient care – thank you!

Amy FoxAdvanced Eye Surgery CenterChico, CA

With us every step of the way

ClearView Surgery Center opened its doors on December 15th, 2015. From our first contract signing to our successful completion of a TJC survey, Progressive Surgical Solutions has been with us every step of the way. Crissy, Regina, and the team at PSS guided us through the “construction” process of starting up a brand new surgery center. With multiple on-site visits by PSS, we were able to run through mock surveys which truly helped correct our deficits and ensure we were ready for TJC to arrive. The staff at ClearView Surgery Center are very thankful for PSS! Thank you for all of your assistance!

David Leach, MD, Medical DirectorClearView Surgery CenterMoscow, ID

Highly recommend for both clinical and Life Safety Code Compliance

We have been working with PSS since 2011 and have found their services to be outstanding. We have achieved compliance with our AAAHC, Medicare deemed status survey x 3 since I’ve been the Director of Nursing. For this year’s survey, we also enlisted the services of their Life Safety expert, John Crowder. We found John to be an expert in his field and he was able to educate us about Life Safety in a language we could understand. He was by our side, as was navigated the road towards achieving full compliance. I highly recommend the team at PSS for both clinical and LSC compliance.

Alison Galloway, RN, Administrator/Director of NursingLa Peer Surgery CenterBeverly Hills, CA

Only ASC in the State of Oregon to have received 2 deficiency free surveys

I attribute our success to that initial mock survey in 2009 that Regina and Crissy did for us! Our next 2 surveys after that were acknowledged by Medicare as the only ASC in the State of Oregon to have received 2 deficiency free surveys. Now we’ve had our 3rd deficiency free survey! It is reassuring to know that we’ll be updated with any issues and can find the resources we need on the eSupport website.

Ginny Pecora, AdministratorOregon Eye Surgery CenterEugene, OR

The staff is professional and devoted to quality patient care

In August, we successfully achieved our third AAAHC/Medicare deemed status survey. With the assistance of Progressive Surgical Solutions, our facility has been up and running since 2009. Progressive Surgical has kept us up to date with their knowledge and expertise on policies and procedures and with the current changes. They quickly respond to our ASC concerns and provide us with solutions. The Staff is professional and devoted to quality patient care. Thank you Progressive Surgical for all your continued assistance.

Annette Webb, RN, CNOR, Clinical DirectorCongress Medical Surgery CenterPasadena, CA

Offered practical solutions

Progressive Surgical Solutions was helpful every step along the way. They helped to identify any possible errors and offered practical solutions. I’m so glad I had them to rely on to answer all of my questions and offer advice!

Jill Fielding, RN, Surgery Center DirectorEvergreen Eye Surgery CenterFederal Way, WA

High quality office based surgical program to compliment our services

Having an experienced consultant was instrumental in preparing our facility for AAAHC accreditation. Progressive Surgical Solutions provided us with the needed expertise and guided us through every aspects of building a high quality office based surgical program to compliment our diagnostic imaging services.

When it was time for our survey, we felt confident that we had the necessary policies and programs in place, however we were pleasantly surprised by the comments we received from the survey team. The surveyors were very impressed with the completeness of our policies and the knowledge of our staff. This was directly related to the consulting services provided by PSS. The result was a full accreditation on our first attempt! We now have everything in place to pursue accreditation for our second location.

Completing the accreditation process for our facility was a significant commitment of time and resources. PSS was an invaluable team member in this endeavor. We would like to personally thank Leanne and Crissy for their guidance, support and encouragement. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Blair Dick, Executive DirectorEisenhower Imaging and Interventional Radiology CenterRancho Mirage, CA

Empowered us to be able to meet our goals and more!

In just 5 short months, Woodlands Vascular Access Center has grown from one employee, to being a fully staffed and operational vascular access center. On behalf of myself and our staff, Woodlands Vascular Access Center would like to thank you all for helping our facility achieve Joint Commission accreditation. Progressive Surgical Solutions empowered us to be able to meet our goals and more!

Frank PufferWoodlands Vascular Access CenterWoodlands, TX

Thanks for alleviating an incredibly stressful event

Endoscopy Center of Inland Empire would like to take this opportunity to thank Progressive Surgical Solutions for the expertise and incredible assistance with a recent unannounced CMS survey. After having passed a recent AAAHC and previous unannounced CMS surveys with flying colors I was shocked to receive our CMS Notice of Deficiencies. This was an incredibly different experience and having limited resources and staff I needed help quickly. I called CASA, California Ambulatory Surgery Association for recommendations. Progressive Surgical Solutions came highly recommended and within just a few days Crissy Benze, Leanne Gallegos and their talented team gave me the assistance, tools, support and reassurance needed. We had an unannounced resurvey and all deficiencies were met without any issues. I was very excited to attend the upcoming CASA conference to thank Crissy in person for all of the incredible support. Thanks again for alleviating an incredibly stressful event.

Rachelle Lamkin, Clinical DirectorEndoscopy Center of Inland EmpireMurrieta, CA

We were waiting for TJC to come knocking with the confident attitude “bring it on!”

Prior to bringing in PSS, we were certified by AAAHC. We found that in working through an audit with CMS, we needed more stringent standards. We brought in PSS and they thoroughly reviewed our Center. Based on their findings and thoughtful discussion, we believed that TJC standards would put us in a much better compliance position. We were very concerned that the process would be too burdensome for a small center like ours, but found that with PSS’s help, we have implemented cost effective means of running a compliant, efficient small ASC.

PSS worked with our nursing director and the owner physicians over the past year and they revised ALL our Policies and Procedures, helped our staff to implement the new policies and performed a mock survey 3 months prior to our TJC accreditation survey. They guided us with sound solutions for the remaining identified issues. From that point on, we were waiting for TJC to come knocking with the confident attitude “bring it on!

They came to conduct a combined Medicare deemed status and TJC survey and indeed we passed with flying colors! We will continue to retain PSS to assure we comply with new changes as they roll out and we look forward to our re-survey in 3 years!

John R. Campbell, M.D., President, Governing BodyMarin Ophthalmic Surgery CenterSan Rafael, CA

Surveyors immediately expressed enthusiasm about our association with PSS!

We were pretty sure our single specialty ASC would pass our Joint Commission survey but our confidence was buoyed when our two surveyors immediately expressed their enthusiasm about our association with PSS! Thanks to Debra Stinchcomb and the PSS support staff we were prepared for everything expected of us! It gave us a great feeling to know, that despite the anxiety inevitably accompanying accreditation events, we were completely prepared, primed and confident, largely because of the guidance and expertise of PSS.

Glen N. Pomerance, M.D., Medical DirectorRenaissance Surgery Center of Chattanooga, LLCChattanooga, TN

“top one percent” as far as the survey preparedness was concerned

Progressive Surgical Solutions was very instrumental in preparing us for our Joint Commission deemed status survey. There is absolutely no way we would be a Medicare certified and TJC accredited surgery center today without them. Our surveyor actually told us that we were in her “top one percent” as far as the survey preparedness was concerned. This is a hugs compliment to the PSS team and I would recommend their services to anyone wanting to avoid costly delays and hassles.

Bobby Moss, AdministratorEyeCare Surgery CenterJackson, MS

Wealth of knowledge was irreplaceable

The task of starting a surgery center as well as passing a deemed status Joint Commission survey would have been completely overwhelming without Crissy and the PSS team. Her expertise, knowledge, wisdom and guidance were beyond impressive throughout the build out of the surgery center as well as the survey process. Her wealth of knowledge was irreplaceable in preparation for survey and continues to amaze me with maintenance of Eyecare Surgery Center. We have a firm foundation for a long, successful future because of Crissy and the PSS team.

Jill Purvis, RN, Clinical DirectorEyeCare Surgery CenterJackson, MS

Available to us with sage advice throughout the actual survey

Our team at Progressive Surgical Solutions was invaluable to us during our recent AAAHC inspection. Not only did they guide us through the development of new manuals and mock surveys, but they were also available to us with sage advice throughout the two days of the actual survey. Re-accreditation becomes more complex with each three year cycle. For anyone who wants to be successful with the process, I would highly recommend Progressive Surgical Solutions.

Suzanne Bruno, COE, MBA, AdministratorHorizon Laser & Eye Surgery CenterMargate, NJ

Amazingly prompt and thorough assistance

I am so grateful to everyone at PSS for the amazingly prompt and thorough assistance with our recent CMS survey. Essentially, we are done thanks to Regina and her team. These gals ROCK! We will continue to monitor eSuport and E-Blasts and stay current. I can unreservedly recommend their services to any and all. We have 13 year relationship with PSS and I still believe their services are superb and absolutely essential in the ever-increasing regulatory environment.

Jorge A. MartinezVision Care Center of Idaho, LLCMeridian , Idaho

Technical expertise

PSS provided us with the technical expertise customized to our facility. The depth of knowledge and one on one consulting helped us pass our DHS inspection on the first time.

Margaret Valdez, RN, Clinical DirectorMed Laser Surgery CenterPhiladelphia , PA

Surveyors complimented us

Hattiesburg Eye Clinic Cataract Surgery Center is pleased to recommend Progressive Surgical Solutions. I can’t imagine pulling this off without PSS’s help. We were very prepared for our Medicare and AAAHC survey, and by the way, both surveyors complimented us on the organization and completeness of our Policy and Procedure Manuals. PSS made a very stressful time manageable and successful

Tanya Nace, RN, Clinical DirectorHattiesburg Eye Clinic Cataract Surgery CenterHattiesburg , MS

Knowledge and support

We are certain that Medicare approval on the first go around would not have occurred without PSS’s knowledge and support. Please do not hesitate to use myself and Minnesota Eye Consultants as a reference in the future.

Candace Simerson, President/COOMinnesota Eye ConsultantsBloomington , MN

Recommend without reservations

I have found their services to be invaluable. Their knowledge of the business and clinical issues is extensive. I find them to be very professional. They have even advised us on personnel issues and assisted with contract negotiations with insurance carriers. I can enthusiastically recommend their services without any reservations.

James G. Huffman, MD, OwnerCumberland Valley Surgical CenterCorbin , KY

Wealth of expertise

PSS was invaluable in establishing the Kensington Eye Institute. They were fully engaged throughout the development process, offering their insights and expertise on the design and layout, staffing, supply chain, policies & procedures, etc. No detail (or job!!!) was too big or small for them. I would not hesitate to recommend PSS to any company establishing an ASC. Their wealth of expertise is a great resource

Juanita Strowbridge, RN, Clinical DirectorKensington Eye InstituteToronto , Ontario

True leaders in the industry

I can not praise highly enough the professionalism and leading industry knowledge that Progressive Surgical Solutions, LLC has brought to our center. We have worked with other companies in the past but none have delivered the experience or the personalized touch that PSS does. They are true leaders in the industry and we are better off because we are with them.

Claire Brice, RN, Clinical DirectorBurlingame Surgical Center, PASherman , TX

Invaluable asset

Enough cannot be said to describe how pleased Lakeside Surgery Center is to work with Regina Boore and her staff at Progressive Surgical Solutions. Their knowledge of the ambulatory surgery industry proved to be an invaluable asset. They assisted us in every aspect from construction to contracting. We recommend Progressive Surgical Solutions without hesitation.

Lisa DeBruno, AdministratorLakeside Surgery CenterGlendale , CA

Even our surveyors were impressed!

Berks Urologic Surgery Center is pleased to endorse Progressive Surgical Solutions! We passed Pennsylvania DOH, CMS, and AAAHC licensure and accreditation with flying colors thanks to them. Even our surveyors were impressed! It was a pleasure working with PSS! We will be happy to recommend this organization and speak personally to anyone who has specific questions.

Carol Shirk, RN, Clinical DirectorBerks Urologic Surgery CenterWyomissing , PA

Moral support

As an independent facility, the Center did not have the benefit of having a family of other centers from which to draw expertise. Much of the praise we have received to date and successes we anticipate will be attributable to PSS. They provided terrific professional insights, technical resources, moral support and friendship over the course of our development process. From helping to refine the facility design, to helping to standardize equipment and protocols across our diverse physician group, to many other areas, PSS’s fingerprints can be found all over our center.

John Dailey, JD, MPA, CHE, Executive DirectorSouth Florida Surgery CenterSouth Miami , FL


PSS provided experience and knowledge in all aspects of developing and managing a freestanding surgical facility. PSS was instrumental in helping the center set goals and target dates, stay focused and to think positive. I believe that their support was a part of helping meet regulatory guidelines and standards that have led to the centers compliance to Medicare and other state licensures standards.

Susie Winterling, RN, AdministratorAsheville Eye Surgery CenterAsheville , NC

Ongoing support

The Progressive Team has been invaluable in helping us with ongoing support of our surgery center. Besides assisting with compliance issues, they have helped in many other areas of running the center, including increasing our efficiency.

Marc Ellman, MD, OwnerSouthwest Eye / Vista Surgery CenterEl Paso , TX

Invaluable Resource

Wolfe Surgery Center enlisted Progressive Surgical Solutions to help guide us through the Joint Commission Accreditation process and they certainly proved to be an invaluable resource in this endeavor. We easily made the decision to continue to utilize their proven expertise to improve overall patient and business operations. Their knowledge of the ASC industry is tremendous as they are easily accessible, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I highly recommend PSS to anyone who desires excellence in the establishment of their ASC

Randy Eckard, COOWolfe Eye Clinic/Wolfe Surgery CenterWest Des Moines , IA

Leaders at their Best

Working with PSS was a pleasure.  We transitioned our Policies and Procedures to Progressive’s P&P and it was seamless.  They worked with us and were able to streamline our P&P and give us a package that was easy to use, comprehensive and organized.   I am very satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge and endless suggestions to my questions.  You can’t go wrong.
Jan Zeit, RNAdministrative Nursing Director


An indispensable resource…Highly recommended!

As an independent ASC owner/operator, I found myself facing an upcoming CMS certification survey with no idea how to proceed.  Our policy and procedures manual was 10 years old, and didn’t come close to current standards on infection control, quality metrics, or even some of the more recent life safety additions to the CMS conditions of participation criteria.  As I scoured the internet for solutions, I came across Progressive Surgical Solutions and their team of ASC certification professionals.  They took my call, and provided immediate assistance in critical areas BEFORE I EVEN SIGNED UP.  I was completely blown away by their professionalism and courtesy, and even more by the way they anticipated our needs and state specific concerns.  Now terms like QAPI, patient grievance policy, and performance improvement study literally roll off my tongue, and no longer challenge us.  This was the best money our ASC ever spent, and the gift just keeps on giving with eSupport and the additional webinars they provide; at a fraction of the cost of some of these so-called freelance consultants that overcharge for their services.  I can unequivocally reassure any ASC manager, administrator, owner, or compliance officer that PSS is worth their weight in gold, and they bring calm reassurance to an otherwise daunting process.

Marion McMillan, MD, Medical Director, OwnerSynergy Spine CenterSeneca, SC

We all hate to reinvent the wheel…and who has time?

Progressive Surgical eSupport is a great resource for anyone in a leadership role. When you have questions you need fast and accurate answers. PSS gives you those answers quickly! I’ve recently incorporated the online learning modules at our ASC. When we have a low volume surgery day, my staff can take the online course and print out the certificates. This gives the staff CE Contact Hours while helping us keep up with all the mandatory training from CMS. Looking for a P&P? Check the website first. We all hate to reinvent the wheel..and who has time? I always feel comfortable calling Crissy if I need a more in depth conversation or clarification on an issue.

Denise Carpenter, RN, BSN, Director of NursingSurgery Center of Northern CaliforniaRedding, CA

Up-to-date guidance

We have been relying on Progressive Surgical Solutions as our primary source for accurate information and policy guidance for the past three years. Even as an established center, now in business some 12 years, we still frequently find reasons to turn to PSS for direction. To keep current and follow regulatory changes such as Medicare Conditions for Coverage, we all need a knowledgeable source for up-to-date guidance like PSS.

David S. George M.D., Medical DirectorPhysicians Outpatient Surgery Center, Ltd.Belpre , Ohio

No better resource

I have found no better resource for implementation of Medicare’s new conditions for coverage. Everything was right there, making it easy for me to adopt the new required policies for our facility. I saved hours of administrative time utilizing these comprehensive templates. In preparing for our upcoming AAAHC re-accreditation, I have used the eSupport Forum to determine areas of focus for our facility. I have been very impressed with the resources and the timely response to my specific questions. This website has definitely made my job easier and I feel very confident that all of the information and recommendations are up to date with the latest recommended PRACTICES. No question, this is an excellent support in a fast paced, ever-changing industry! Thank you for all your great work.

Carole Shirk, RN, Clinical DirectorBerks Urologic Surgery CenterWyomissing , PA.

So many answers at your finger tips

Out of this world – it is the only tool I know of where you can go and have so many answers at your finger tips without having to wait to talk to someone. Plus so many reference points that you do not have to cruise the web trying to find. It has made our life so much easier since all the changes. An excellent web site and group of individuals that put it together”.

Claire Brice, RN, Clinical DirectorRGB Associates/Burlingame Surgical CenterSherman, Texas

An essential tool in the ever changing world of accreditation compliance

Progressive esupport has been an essential tool for keeping our ASC in compliance in the ever changing world of accreditation compliance.

PSS has proved year after year to be a worthwhile investment and one that has kept the essential policies and procedures as well as latest news and tools at our fingertips. When my questions or needs have been unique to our center, Regina and staff have always sought the answers for me immediately or given me their sage advice based on many years of experience.

The best ASC resource I have found in one easy to use website with expert support only a phone call away. We remain very loyal clients and grateful for this great resource!

Tim Connall, M.D., Medical DirectorCheryl Connall, Clinical DirectorTualatin, OR

Up to date feedback just a click away

In addition to PSS assistance with surviving CMS, we registered with esupport for ongoing support and educational opportunities at our fingertips. With all the wonderful people at PSS and esupport forum I feel like I have hired an entire team of professionals to keep us up to date and have feedback from others just a click away.

Rachelle Lamkin, Clinical DirectorEndoscopy Center of Inland EmpireMurrieta, CA

Great resource for our ASC compliance inquiries

In November, we successfully passed a random AAAHC survey. Progressive Surgical Solutions has kept us up-to-date with their expertise in Medicare and AAAHC policy and procedure changes since 2013. They have been a great resource for our ASC compliance inquiries. Thank you Progressive Surgical Solutions for your assistance.

Heather Hernandez, RN, Clinical DirectorEye Surgery Center of AugustaAugusta, GA