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ClearView Surgery Center opened its doors on December 15th, 2015. From our first contract signing to our successful completion of a TJC survey, Progressive Surgical Solutions has been with us every step of the way. Crissy, Regina, and the team at PSS guided us through the “construction” process of starting up a brand new surgery center. With multiple on-site visits by PSS, we were able to run through mock surveys which truly helped correct our deficits and ensure we were ready for TJC to arrive. The staff at ClearView Surgery Center are very thankful for PSS! Thank you for all of your assistance!

Brenda HalenAdministrator of ClearView Surgery Center, Moscow ID


Building an ASC is such a complicated endeavor that the single most important person is the consultant. I have been extremely impressed by Progressive’s knowledge, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. They know every aspect of the industry, and have the experience and the contacts that are indispensable. I couldn’t be happier with their services.

David F. Chang, MD, OwnerPeninsula Eye Surgery Center, Mountain View CA

“Stellar and second to none.”

Probably the most critical ingredient in the execution of a plan to build and launch an ophthalmic ASC is to involve an ASC consultant from day one. In short, the PSS team has an incredible ability to sift through the noise and get the job done, expertly and expeditiously and most importantly, make you feel they are part of your staff. The entire Progressive Surgical Solutions team is stellar and second to none. I cannot think of a reason that I would ever have embarked on this project without them.

Larry Piazza, MD, OwnerCoastal Eye Surgery Center, Ellsworth ME

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