• Are independent ASCs the next private equity target?

    As inflation continues to pressure the healthcare industry, private equity strategy is expected to shift into the ASC space with greater intensity. ASCs are palatable to private equity due to the cost savings they offer and not at the expense of quality of care.

    Source: Becker’s ASC

  • Flu Vaccination Rates Fall

    Flu vaccination rates within the US have fallen drastically. Vaccination coverage was 41.9% during the 2017-2018 season and increased to a high of 46.2% during the 2019-2020 season. Coverage rates then began to decline, reaching a low of 40.3% during 2022-2023.

    Source: Pharmacy Practice News

  • FDA/CDC Recommend Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

    The CDC recently released a news release recommending the updated COVID-19 vaccine for everyone six months and older who has not received a COVID-19 vaccine in the past two months. This was following the FDA’s approval of the updated Moderna and Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for 2023-2024.

    Source: APIC