Accounts Receivable Benchmarking Study

Have you ever wondered how long it takes other ASCs to receive payment from the top payers? PSS has partnered with Waystar* to complete an A/R Benchmarking study. Compare your ASC to the rest of the industry and find out the tools you need to get paid faster.

*Waystar Clearinghouse helps healthcare organizations see their Revenue Cycle with greater clarity, illuminating their path to better financials. This is achieved by providing these organizations with end-to-end coverage and reporting of their Revenue Cycle.

NANCY STEPHENS has been in the ASC industry since 2007 and in the medical financial service industry since 2002. Nancy oversees the business and financial aspects of our business. She handles the financial projections for startup ASC clients, providing our clients with a 5-year financial business plan they can take to the bank to obtain financing. She also provides financial oversight to our existing ASC clients by evaluating the key performance indicators, financial statement analysis and price per share calculations.

VANESSA SINDELL, MSN, BSN, RN worked as the director of nursing for a busy ophthalmic surgery center for 8 years. As director, she successfully completed three deemed-status surveys with no deficiencies. Ms. Sindell’s recent experience in running an ASC makes her an expert in clinical operations and management. Overall, she has 13 years of experience in nursing in different specialties, including critical care, Med-Surg, and outpatient surgery.

MIKE VENARD is an account executive at Waystar. He has assisted clients that range from 1-50 Providers in-house and see 900-15,000 patients a month. In his role, he seeks to help ASCs overcome any obstacles within their Revenue Cycle through diagnosing, consulting and driving continuous improvement within their organization.