Creating a Culture of Leadership: Introducing the BSM Leading Edge

Written by: Laura Baldwin, RN

For many years, the BSM/PSS team has been involved in a broad scope of consulting engagements, frequently touching one or more aspects of leadership development in practices and ASCs across the country. We are proud to have helped many of our clients address key leadership opportunities within their organizations. Strong, nursing leadership as an imperative for a top performing ASC.

The escalating perioperative nursing shortage has forced some surgery centers to compromise on the job requirements for Director of Nursing candidates. Consequently, there is an ever-increasing need for coaching, mentoring and developing raw or unseasoned talent to fulfill a leadership position. During a recent experience with an underperforming ASC, PSS identified a multitude of financial and operational problems. Upon further investigation, it became clear, these were all symptomatic of the core problem, which was, as always, a lack of effective leadership.

Through our work, we recognize there is more we can do to encourage a stronger emphasis on creating a leadership culture within health care organizations.

Our team has seen firsthand how organizations without a strong leadership infrastructure can experience employee dissatisfaction and turnover, both of which are costly. Meanwhile, businesses with engaged, effective leaders create a purpose-driven culture that involves all team members in supporting and achieving the strategic goals of the organization. At BSM/PSS, we want to help our clients understand the importance of developing a culture of leadership and the potential return on this type of investment, while simultaneously offering support that aligns to their specific needs around leadership.

We are therefore excited to introduce our new Leadership Development offering: the BSM Leading Edge.

The BSM Leading Edge is designed to provide customized training and leadership support to physicians and business leaders to help create a culture of leadership within the entire organization. Our philosophy is based on three core pillars: 

  • Purpose: Understanding the importance of a mission, vision, core values, strategies, and goals within an organization, providing leaders and all employees with a clear direction of what they are working toward. 
  • Emotional intelligence: Recognizing and understanding the impact emotions have on one’s ability to develop and maintain effective relationships, including managing through conflict.
  • Communication: Understanding the synergy between effective communication and business success by gaining insight into typical communication preferences and learning how to flex to enhance leadership success. ​

One of the unique aspects of the BSM Leading Edge is the ability to align our support to the specific needs of our clients. This includes identifying and placing new talent through our Recruiting Support Services; developing leaders from within organizations through onsite training, coaching, and the BSM Leadership Summit; and providing ongoing support and resources for continued growth through our online offerings, such as BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology and Progressive Surgical Solutions eSupport. Our personalized, comprehensive approach to leadership development is especially useful given current market factors, including the rapid consolidation of practices and ASCs, during which leadership alignment and advancement can slip through the cracks. 

Our BSM Leading Edge goals include assisting customers in:  

  • Identifying and developing effective leaders who are well-equipped to create and manage positive, highly functional teams.
  • Developing enhanced leadership capabilities that may help increase business performance, satisfaction, and employee engagement.
  • Reaching professional and personal goals, unlocking growth potential, and empowering confidence.

Leadership is a journey, and we are passionate about helping you with organizational and individual development. Creating a culture of leadership that supports your mission, values, and goals impacts everyone. More specifically, it allows for engagement and alignment of high-performing teams that positively impact the organization, and most importantly, the patients you serve. Yes, it takes commitment and focus — but with the BSM Leading Edge, you have a partner to support you every step of the way! 

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EDITORS NOTE: Laura Baldwin – who is spearheading BSM’s new leadership development offering – has extensive leadership experience in health care, including nursing and hospital business development. Additionally, she is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership (ELI-MP) through iPEC* as well as a Licensed Practitioner for Insights® Discovery. As a Senior Consultant at BSM, Ms. Baldwin is passionate about helping our clients develop a culture of leadership within their organizations. She will be sharing more of her valuable leadership perspectives in an ongoing series of related blog posts.

*iPEC certification (accredited by the International Coach Federation [ICF]).