ASC Budgeting

ASCs are required by Medicare to have a budget. While not necessarily involved in day-to-day operations, the governing body is ultimately responsible for the overall quality of service. Numbers tell a story. Fiscal control and financial oversight are a primary point of scrutiny for surveyors. The financial health of an ASC can be a direct reflection of quality of care. In this webinar, learn the basics of budgeting and best practices for holding your ASC accountable financially.



Nancy is a senior consultant with Progressive Surgical Solutions and is based in Huntington Beach, CA. She has been in the ASC industry since 2007 and in the medical financial service industry since 2002. Nancy oversees the business and financial aspects of our business. She handles the financial projections for startup ASC clients, providing our clients with a 5-year financial business plan they can take to the bank to obtain financing. She also provides financial oversight to our existing ASC clients by evaluating the key performance indicators, financial statement analysis and price per share calculations.

Nancy is a resource for our clients that need assistance with corporate partner buyouts and due diligence work. She enjoys working with our clients to help them improve their bottom line. Nancy holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts and is a member of the ASOA and CASA.