Streamlining Communication From Clinic TO ASC

Effective healthcare communication must be ongoing, transparent, patient-centered, concise, and relevant. Establishing these best practices between a surgeon’s clinic and the ASC supports improved patient outcomes; however, it can be difficult between separate clinical settings. With patient safety and satisfaction on the line, as well as ASC and surgeon reputation and profitability, this webinar will provide a framework for the implementation of effective Clinic/ASC intercommunication.


Prior to joining Progressive Surgical Solutions in 2022, Apryl served as the Clinical Director/Administrator, Quality Assurance Coordinator, and Infection Preventionist for the Laurel Laser & Surgery Center in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. A Registered Nurse with 14 years of experience, she has dedicated her career exclusively to the ambulatory surgery center environment.

In her current role, Apryl provides ongoing support to ASCs. Her areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, licensing, certification and accreditation, survey preparation, facility documentation development, staff training, infection control and prevention, and ASC operations and management.

Mrs. McElheny holds a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a Master of Business Administration degrees (MBA). Current certifications include the Certified Administrator Surgery Center (CASC) and Certified in Infection Control (CIC). She has been an active member of APIC since 2011 and previously served on the CBIC Board of Directors (2021-2022).