Progressive Huddle: Life Safety Code Survey Watch

All deemed status surveys now include a separate Life Safety Code engineer and over the past couple years we have seen an increase in citations. In addition, Medicare adopted the 2012 version of Life Safety Code in 2016, which created increased scrutiny. This webinar will go over some recent common deficiencies during surveys and it will also include information on what you can do to be prepared.

John Crowder
Life Safety Code/Environment of Care Consultant
Life Safety Healthcare Consultants

As founder and principal of Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, JOHN CROWDER is involved in all phases of architectural consulting, plan development and compliance matters for healthcare projects throughout the United States. His extensive background in construction and facility management of healthcare facilities for over 20 years provides a solid understanding of design methods, code requirements and various regulations required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for facilities seeking deemed status. As an active Life Safety Surveyor for “Triple A – HC” (AAAHC), John maintains a thorough knowledge of the most current and updated code requirements through continual education and site surveys of numerous healthcare facilities.

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