Medical Record Audit Walkthrough

CMS tells us we must use our medical records in our QAPI program.  But, how do you do that in a standardized, effective and beneficial way? Learn what to audit and how to make this process more robust than merely checking for dates and signatures.

Be able to identify opportunities for improvement and how to make them. As the primary goal of the medical record audit, this webinar will give you tips for achieving improved clinical performance.


Debra Stinchcomb, MBA, BSN, RN, CASC

has 30 years of health care experience including development, clinical, administrative, operations and sales.  The last 18 years have been focused exclusively in the ASC industry with a particular emphasis on multi-specialty centers. Debra has been a AAAHC surveyor and has served as Vice Chair and Chair of the Joint Commission Ambulatory Professional and Technical Advisory Committee.