How To Deliver An Effective Performance Appraisal

Do you dread performance appraisals as much as your staff does? Do you struggle to document specific behavioral examples to support your scores and make the process objective? Are the performance goals you set for your employees, truly aimed at improving their performance and professional development?  Employee evaluations do not have to be a chore if you develop critical habits to facilitate meaningful assessments. Join this timely webinar to learn how to make performance appraisals more effective. Your organization and your employees will reap the benefits!


Regina has more than 40 years of clinical, administrative, teaching and consulting experience in ambulatory surgery. The breadth and depth of her ‘hands-on, real world” experience in both single-specialty and multi-specialty ASCs has equipped her with meaningful insights and practical approaches to the operational and organizational issues and challenges in the ASC environment. She has at one time held every nursing position in an ASC.