Benchmarking Made Simple

When done well, a benchmarking study can provide valuable insight into your ASC operation, how your metrics and outcomes compare to the same in the past or to other similar organizations. It is an opportunity to systematically establish goals, collect data, measure performance, analyze findings and take action in order to effect improvement. If you often struggle to produce a meaningful benchmarking study, you are not alone. Join us for this webinar to review the process and learn best practices.


Vanessa Sindell, MSN, BSN, RN, CAIP

Vanessa joined the Progressive Surgical Solutions team in 2018. In the past eight years, Ms. Sindell worked as the director of nursing for a busy ophthalmic surgery center. As director, she successfully completed three deemed-status surveys with no deficiencies. Ms. Sindell’s recent experience in running an ASC makes her an expert in clinical operations and management.

Overall, Ms. Sindell has 13 years of experience in nursing in different specialties, including critical care, Med-Surg, and outpatient surgery. Using her expansive experience and knowledge, she has presented on ambulatory surgery topics at several national industry meetings.

Ms. Sindell received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from California State University, Long Beach. She earned her master’s in nursing leadership from California State University, Fullerton.