Why Do Surgical Errors Keep Happening?

This is the first installment of our year-long series dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of medical errors, and discussing what can be done to promote patient safety in surgical facilities across the country. We pledge to provide you with insights and advice from leading safety experts. You can hold up your end of the bargain by inspiring your clinical team to do better, because patients don’t deserve to leave your facility in worse shape than when they arrived. Let’s start the conversation with a straightforward question: Why do surgical errors keep happening? The answer, it seems, is a bit complicated.

Source: Outpatient Surgery

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  1. Clinical Director
    Clinical Director says:

    I believe one of the reasons errors continue to happen is culture. A culture that stresses safety is a must. It also must include the surgeons/doctors as they are the leaders and set the tone of the OR. Culture also affects staff and if they are willing to speak up, ask questions, and assert themselves when they think something is wrong. While the systems and checklists can help they wont work if you don’t have buy in from every member of the team and a culture that supports it.


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