COVID-19 Impact on ASC Operations and Valuations

Colin Park and Kevin McDonough from VMG Health explain how a valuation of an ASC is typically performed and discuss both the short and long-term impacts of COVID-19, including decline in volume, cash flow disruption, geographic location, etc. How may the value of an ASC change post COVID-19? What risk factors should you be prepared for? What can you do to better position yourself?


Kevin McDonough, CFA is a managing director at VMG Health and is based out of the Dallas office. During his tenure at VMG, Mr. McDonough has provided valuation, transaction advisory, feasibility, and operational consulting services to the firm’s healthcare clients. He has also served as a consultant in the formation and development of numerous physician-hospital joint venture initiatives. 


Colin Park is a director at VMG Health in the Dallas office. He too specializes in providing financial, valuation, and transaction advisory services to the firm’s healthcare clients. Colin is also a research associate and collaborator in the development and publication of the Intellimarker Multi-Specialty ASC Benchmarking Study published annually by VMG Health.