Virginia Surgery Center Prepares for AAAHC Reaccreditation

Crissy Benze, MSN, BSN, RN

After a great ASCRS/ASOA meeting in Washington, DC, I headed up to Norfolk, Virginia to make a site visit to Virginia Surgery Center. The surgery center is owned by the physicians of Virginia Eye Consultants. They have a beautiful building that backs up to a very picturesque landscape with water. Every wall that backs up to this beautiful scenery in the surgery center has a window. It lets in so much light and makes you feel like you are somewhere other than in a surgery center. They really took advantage of this location that they were fortunate to build on!

Karen Spencer, CEO, invited me to make a site visit to the surgery center. They are working with a new leadership team and preparing for AAAHC reaccreditation next year. They are very smart getting such a head start to prepare themselves! I was able to watch the clinical operations and spend quite a bit of time with Courtney and Kim, who will both be taking on new roles in terms of leadership and running of the clinical operations. They are both eager to learn and just want to dive in, which is always exciting to work with!

They provide excellent patient care and have a very well-run operation. One thing they did before surgery started in the morning was a team huddle. This included every staff member working that day, including the surgeon and anesthesia provider. Everyone was engaged and responsive, and it was evident that this really helped to ensure a smooth day. This is such a great idea for facilities to implement!

As most everyone knows, hand hygiene is always an area for improvement….it just is! They had great hand sanitizer holders that attached to their overbed tables at each patient bay. This location makes them easily accessible for all staff interacting with the patient to perform hand hygiene. For facilities that do not have these, it would be a great QI study to get a baseline hand hygiene performance and then implement the use of these holders and see if their compliance rates go up!

It was such a pleasure working with Karen and her team, and I look forward to assisting them over the next year as they prepare for their reaccreditation survey!


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