Score another win for our side

I had the pleasure today of receiving a phone call from a long time client. We developed their 2 OR ASC almost 10 years ago and have continued our relationship since through Progressive eSupport and an occasional mock survey. Three CDPH surveyors landed on their doorstep last week. The surveyors said they needed a room with a table and lots of space. Their exact words were” Buckle up! We’re going to be here for 3 or 4 days”. At the end of two days, they held an exit summary with the entire staff and informed them out of 100 ASCs they are in the top 1%! Congratulations Med Laser Surgery Center. Props to you.

For everyone else, heads up… the surveyors focused heavily on “comprehensive” H&Ps. Of the 20 medical records they reviewed they found zero deficiencies and loved the PSS H&P form they were using. They also wanted to see IV certification for LVNs.

eSupport subscribers will get a blast when we update the survey watch for a complete list of findings on this and several other recent surveys.

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