Regina Attends McKession National ASC Sales Meeting

On the heels of the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans, I was invited to the McKesson National ASC Sales Meeting in Dallas, Tx. About 120 of the top ASC reps around the country attended. The meeting opened with a customer panel. Yours truly was a panel participant with two very impressive ASC professionals. Jill Myrick, is the Director of Supply Chain Management with American Vision Partners in Phoenix, AZ. Viveka Rydell-Anderson is the CEO of PDI Surgery Center, a non-profit dedicated to serving the needs of children with severe tooth decay in Sonoma County, CA.

Brian Keller did an excellent job facilitating the discussion around what differentiates McKesson from other suppliers, how McKesson can meet customer needs based on future industry challenges, opportunities for improvement and what McKesson services, we as customers, value most. It was amazing how aligned our responses were, even though we come from three distinctly different perspectives.

We couldn’t leave Dallas without some good ole Texas barbeque and Lockhart Smoke House did not disappoint! Of course we had to try a little of everything: deviled eggs, smoked baked beans, sausage, brisket, turkey… We waddled out of their, the waft of the smokehouse following us everywhere we went.

The meeting wrapped up Thursday night with an awards banquet. Congratulations to my favorite McKesson Rep, Brian Valley of Orange County, CA for winning the big award. The banquet was followed by an exciting announcement about a new McKesson initiative, to support surgeons developing ASCs, with a collaboration of experts, utilizing state of the art, modular interior construction called DIRTT.

I was fortunate to visit the DIRTT factory in Calgary, Canada in June and was blown away by this technology. It is clean, green construction, which reduces construction time and labor costs. The PSS team learned about DIRTT at our annual strategic planning meeting in July when we visited the San Diego showroom, Parron Hall, and met with Donna Shirley, also a member of the McKesson collaboration. As part of the McKesson collaborative, we are working hard to see the first DIRTT ASC come to fruition.


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