PSS Attends CASCA ASC Conference and Trade Show in Denver, CO

Crissy Benze, MSN, BSN, RN

I attended the Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (CASCA) ASC Conference and Trade Show for the first time this year. Progressive Surgical Solutions joined CASCA this year as a Corporate Member, and I am looking to get more involved. The conference was held in downtown Denver and was two full days of content and networking. We heard updates from leaders in the industry, including Bill Prentice, the Executive Director of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA). It is always interesting to hear what is most important to those who are advocating on our behalf. The recent article published by Kaiser Health News that put ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) under a really bad light was definitely a topic of conversation. It was surprising how many people had never heard of the article, but those that had, including myself, all had the same sentiment of frustration!

The breakout sessions covered a variety of different topics including quality management, tech advancements, resource development, OSHA inspections, DVT/PE prevention, instrument reprocessing and life safety code inspections. It was good content and a great opportunity for networking, which was the topic of the keynote speaker. Alyce Blum-Guerrero, Principal of ABC: Alyce Blum Coaching, gave a great presentation and even had us do some exercises about confidence, communication and networking. A great point she made was rather than answering ‘what’ you do, answer ‘why’ you do it. It was an interesting exercise, and I found her idea valuable that answering ‘why’ helps to “communicate what you believe, your purpose, your cause.”

The exhibit hall had a good variety of vendors, and it was good to connect with people and companies I already know as well as making new connections. There was plenty of time for networking, which is always a great opportunity. Chris Skagen, Executive Director, and Simon Schwartz, Associate Executive Director, put on a great meeting! One of the great things about CASCA is that they look to members, including corporate members, to get involved with the association. I am excited and look forward to getting more involved with CASCA in the near future!

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