Ongoing Management and New Construction in Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico

Regina and Crissy were recently down in Puerto Rico with a client. As everyone knows, Puerto Rico was rocked by Hurricane Maria in the fall and is still recovering but definitely on the mend. There are still people without power, a lot of fallen vegetation, abandoned homes, etc., but the Puerto Rican people are so strong and they are working to put their beautiful and beloved island back together.

Regina started working with Cyril Meduna, the Managing Partner/President of Advent-Morro Equity Partners, in 2007, on an ambulatory surgery center project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Advent-Morro Equity Partners is Puerto Rico’s leading private equity investment firm that invested in a single-specialty ophthalmic surgery center with 11 physician partners. Progressive Surgical Solutions (PSS) assisted them through the development project. Vista Ophthalmic Ambulatory Center passed their initial deemed status HFAP survey in 2009 and was open for business. PSS has been working with them ever since!

PSS works with Angie Jimenez, Administrator of Vista, and her team on an ongoing basis, under a management contract. They are due for reaccreditation this year, so Regina and Crissy made the trip down to San Juan for a mock survey. This ASC does about 8,000 ophthalmic surgical cases per year in four operating rooms and they are planning a renovation to add a 5th OR. The day Regina and Crissy were there for the mock survey, Vista did 75 cases! Vista’s staff provides safe and effective patient care and will definitely be ready for another successful survey later this year.

PSS is also working with Angie and Advent-Morro on another ASC development project in Caguas, Puerto Rico. This ASC will be multi-specialty, including ophthalmology, orthopedics, podiatry, hand and urology. During our visit to the island, PSS participated in meetings with surgeon partners to discuss their equipment preferences. Two weeks later, Angie and Leanne Gallegos, from PSS, met the orthopedic surgeons at the AAOS in New Orleans to continue the equipment planning process.

Regina and Crissy spent 4 days working with Angie and her team. They were very productive and also were able to enjoy some delicious dinners, including one with Cyril at ­­­Compostela, where the owner made superb recommendations and the octopus was divine. Cocina Abierta is also highly recommended.  It is always enjoyable to visit Puerto Rico. We are particularly privileged to work with the awesome team at Vista and Advent-Morro.

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