Mock Survey in Hawaii

Leanne and Regina visited Minimally Invasive Surgery of Hawaii this week. Jessica Dew, RN and her team are preparing for their upcoming AAAHC deemed status survey. Jessica’s safety officer, Cathy Overstreet, RN has worked with PSS in the past and highly recommended a mock survey to identify any issues. The ASC is very busy with 3 OR’s and 8 orthopedic surgeons working 5 days a week. We were impressed with their labeling system throughout the facility as you can see in the pictures below.

Leanne and her husband Telis were able to sneak over to Oahu a few days early to take in the beautiful sites and soak up a little sunshine.

Good luck to Jessica and her team on their upcoming survey!

Photo Feb 21, 8 31 00 PMPhoto Feb 21, 7 37 05 PMPhoto Feb 21, 11 13 57 AMPhoto Feb 21, 11 10 05 AMPhoto Feb 21, 11 09 52 AM Photo Feb 22, 3 24 47 PMPhoto Feb 19, 3 05 38 PMPhoto Feb 20, 11 37 01 AM

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