Mock Survey at LV Surgery Center, Las Vegas, NV

Leanne and Regina had a great day at LV Surgery Center in Las Vegas. We visited to perform a mock survey, the first since this GI only ASC opened their doors in 2016. In their first year of operation, their patient volume has steadily increased requiring additional staff. We were especially impressed with Bob. Given all the scrutiny and controversy around endoscope processing, I was particularly interested in learning about their scope processing procedure. Bob is knowledgeable and well trained. His thorough and exacting nature is the perfect fit for this job. He is precise about every step in the process. He uses an automated leak tester, automated dispensers for the enzymatic cleaner, a temperature probe to monitor the solution temperature, a timer to make sure he gives each step in the process the time it deserves, and other quality control measures. The scopes are stored in a drying cupboard with filtration and air circulation, per AORN Guidelines. Bob’s dedication to standardization of this process is obvious. His process is documented in exacting detail, and posted in the processing room as a handy reference for those who may not do it as often as Bob.

We had an interesting conversation with Dr. Cremonini during our QAPI meeting about incomplete bowel preps. It compromises the quality of a thorough exam. However, it is a challenging issue for the ASC, since the facility really has no control over it. LV Surgery Center will continue to track it and work with the clinic on patient education and compliance.

We’re proud of the entire team for their performance in 2017. JR deserves a special shout-out for his dedication, ability to multi-task and attention to detail. It is truly a pleasure working with him.

We look forward to working with JR and his team in 2018 when we will continue to visit quarterly.

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  1. Dawn Laundrup
    Dawn Laundrup says:

    Scope processing is just one aspect that is thoroughly scrutinized by surveyors. Having exacting methods and posting the process is a great way to keep the team consistent.


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