MH: A tool to help staff memorize what steps to take

Sign and Symptoms: Increase in: HR, CO2, jaw muscle rigidity and temperature.


D Dantrolene must be administered immediately. Begin with 2.5mg/Kg. Multiply the patients weight in kg by 2.5 mg and you will get you initial dose.

R Reconstitute the dantrolene with 60 ml of sterile water. Each vial gives you 20 mg.

U Until the patient temperature reaches 101F or 38.3C

G Group supplies: Put sterile water, 60cc syringe and infusion pins with mixing instructions in a bag for easy access and preparation.


C cancel the anesthetic gases and depolorizing muscle relaxants.

O Provide 100% Oxygen once you’ve cancelled gases.

L Cold liquids are an integral part, start infusion of refrigerated saline. Place ice packs on the patient and irrigate wound with cold saline.

D Treat dysrthmias


M Monitor electrolytes

H Hyperkalemia is the cause of most of the dysrthmias in MH

A Arterial Blood Gas. Patients go into both metabolic and respiratory acidosis. You will need to administer sodium bicarb and 100% oxygen as needed.

U Urine may be coffee colored. Insert a f/c to monitor UOP. Have lasix or mannitol available to increase UOP as needed.

S Significant others and family members are a priority during an MH crisis. Be sure to update them.

Source: Outpatient Surgery Magazine