La Peer Surgery Center Prepares for Another Survey

The Progressive team had another great visit at La Peer Surgery Center! We have been working with Alison Galloway, Administrator/Director of Nursing at La Peer, since 2012. Our first visit to La Peer was a mock survey in January of 2012, which resulted in developing a new program for them and working with them throughout the year, in preparation of a reaccreditation survey. They successfully passed their deemed status AAAHC reaccreditation survey later that year. Since then, we have done a mock survey every three years to help them prepare for their surveys.

We have also worked on a variety of other projects with Alison and the La Peer Board members. They are very innovative and always looking for other opportunities to enhance their patient’s experience.

Working with Alison, and her team, is always a pleasure. They want to do things right and are constantly working to improve quality. Alison engages her management team and encourages them to ask questions and be involved in the mock survey process. We have just as much interaction with her staff as we do with Alison. She is one of the most effective leaders we have had the privilege of working with, and we like the opportunity we have to work with her on an ongoing basis. One of her best practices is a QAPI Board in the staff lounge. She keeps this updated with QI activities, quality indicators and other aspects of their QAPI program. This keeps the facility staff engaged in the process as well as the medical staff.

Regina and Crissy were accompanied by Vanessa Sindell, one of our new Senior Consultants. This was one of her first mock surveys with the Progressive team. Besides all the Los Angeles traffic, it was a really great day!

We love working with Alison and La Peer Surgery Center and know they will have another successful reaccreditation survey this year!

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