HR: Employee Satisfaction Survey

Conduct an employee satisfaction survey at least once a year. Employee satisfaction is directly related to patient outcomes and staff turnover. It is important that as a leader of an organization you have a pulse on the workplace environment and culture . This survey has less to do with patient safety and the care we provide and more to do with the employee’s view of the leadership and role they play in the organization.

Best Practices for a Successful Employee Satisfaction Survey

  • Keep the responses anonymous.
  • Technology is your friend. Use online survey tools that are either free or reasonably priced to distribute and easily analyze data. Examples: survey monkey, survey gizmo, etc.
  • Keep it brief. Respect your employees time.
  • Ensure your questions provide information that you can use to improve your workplace.
  • Ensure that you, as a leader, create and follow an action plan to address the responses.
  • Share the results with your staff and allow them to participate in developing the action plan.
  • Conduct your survey annually and only make small changes to the questions. Using the same survey repeatedly allows you to gather usable data and measure progress and improvements over time.
  • Share the results with stake holders and the Governing Body,

Recommended Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

  1. Do you feel you are valued for the work/care you provide?
  2. How would you describe this ASCs culture?
  3. Does the ASC provide you with the tools you need to complete your job in a safe manner?
  4. Do you feel that you can approach your immediate supervisor about problems or issues in the workplace?
  5. When an issue or problem is brought to management’s attention, do you feel management addresses the issue?
  6. Do you think that work is distributed evenly across the team?
  7. Do you feel that communication between team members is effective and efficient?
  8. Do you feel that you are given the opportunity to participate in committees or decision making at your center?
  9. Are you provided a fair, accurate, and timely performance appraisal?
  10. Do you feel respected by your coworkers?
  11. Teamwork is valued by this organization, T/F.
  12. My job responsibilities and goals are clearly defined, T/F.
  13. My supervisor/manager treats every employee fairly and consistently, T/F.
  14. I have enough time to complete my workload and provide safe care to my patients, T/F.
  15. When a mistake occurs do you feel comfortable bringing it to management’s attention?

Download a PDF summary of these guidelines and recommended questions below: