Endoscope Reprocessing: Things to Know

Initial and annual competencies should be completed on all staff and before they even clean or reprocess a scope. Also, random observation is important in that it helps to reinforce the consistency of how the scopes are reprocessed. The RN in the room should always do a visual check of the scope used in the OR.

Reprocess stored scopes? Some professional organizations recommend a scope be re-processed after 5 days before use on a patient. SGNA has not released an official statement about this. However, to reduce bacteria or contamination on a stored scope. SGNA recommends scopes be stored in a vertical position with caps, valves and other detachable components be removed per manufacturers instructions. The storage area should be clean, well ventilated and dust free.

Tracking Scopes? Institutions should have a surveillance program that would enable patients to be recalled if there was a type of outbreak. One way to do this is to be keep a log that includes the scope model and SN used on the patient.

What competency standards should units adopt for individuals whom reprocess scopes?

  1. Standard Precautions
  2. PPE
  3. OSHA rules
  4. Reprocessing procedures for scopes and accessories
  5. Mechanism of disease transmission
  6. Maintenance of a safe work environment
  7. Safe handling of high-level disinfectants
  8. Procedures for waste management

Source: ICT