Deepening Drug Shortages

It is safe to say that we have all been affected by drug shortages in the past year. Health Affairs recently published an article by Gregg Margolis. It estimated that thousands of cancer patients have been delayed in receiving life saving treatment and nearly every hospital has had to turn away new patients. One in every ten anesthesiologist have had to delay or cancel a surgery. Medication errors have increased resulting in suboptimal treatment and creating poor patient outcomes.

The finger has been pointed at everyone including the FDA, drug manufacturers and medicare. Blame can be shared by all. The FDA has increased their inspections forcing many manufacturers to shut down plants or stop production of drugs all together. Generic drug production has also been halted due to low profit margins.

The problem has reached crisis status and there is legitimate concern that a solution is not in sight. The FDA, Generic Pharmaceutical Association and the Obama administration have taken steps to improve the problem but it is predicted to get worse before it gets better.

To read the full article it can be downloaded for a price HERE

The PSS team recommends downloading this article or accessing other information so you are better equipped to handle the medical professionals in your facility when they are wondering why you are unable to provide them with drugs needed to operate. This is a national problem and every medical professional should be aware of the severity of the issue.