Crissy Benze is Back on the Road!

Leanne and I were just in Lexington, KY for a mock survey. It was my first business trip after coming back from maternity leave so it was definitely hard saying goodbye to Aidan and Abigail, but they were in the very capable hands of Daddy and our new nanny, Lillie!

Both Leanne and I arrived with no travel issues and it was a beautiful day in Kentucky, even though there was a storm forecasted. Leanne loves horses, so she enjoyed driving out of the airport and going directly past Keenland and all of the horse property.

Well, the beautiful day didn’t last too long. We walked to a restaurant next door to our hotel and were enjoying a nice dinner, when the skies turned dark and the rain started. Torrential rain, with thunder and lightening, was a great show for us during dinner and it appeared we were stuck there for a little while to wait it out before we could walk back. Next thing we know, we are under a Tornado Watch, which quickly turned into a Tornado Warning! Leanne and I were just talking and watching the storm, sitting right next to the window, when a lady came up to us and asked us to get up and come back to the interior of the restaurant because of the Tornado Warning! After about 15 minutes the storm lightened up enough to walk back to the hotel….we survived the storm.

The next day, we had a great visit with Tony Lewgood and his staff at Shriner’s Hospital for Children. The team gave us the grand tour and the history and vision of the mission driven institute. They are committed to delivering the highest quality of care regardless of the families’ ability to pay and are blessed to have this amazing new state of the art surgical facility with expert and competent staff. The facility is geared directly toward the kids and their families and helping to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Every preop bay is painted with beautiful rainbows on the walls and there are motorized cars to transport the kids back to the OR! Each kiddo gets a stuffed animal and blanket to have during their time and to take home with them. The blankets come from Brittny’s Blankets, an organization founded to honor the life of a little girl who sadly passed away. They really are doing great work! The mock survey went well and we left them with a short “to-do” list before opening their doors this month.

All in all, it was a great trip! I was even able to jump right back into the routine of traveling while being away from Abigail and having to pump. My new Sarah Wells bag definitely made things a lot easier!

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