Well I don’t think Los Angeles is a magnet location for a national meeting. Fortunately for me, I did not have to get on a plane to get there. Many exhibitors expressed disappointment about the lack of activity in the exhibit hall. I was honored to facilitate the Ask The Experts, Clinical Panel. My auspicious panelists included:

  • Nikki Hurley from Key Whitman Surgery Center
  • Vanessa Sindell from Newport Bay Surgery Center
  • Barbara Getlan from Dulaney Eye Institute
  • Angie Jimenez from Vista Ophthalmic Surgical Center

In total these four ladies oversee and manage the operations to deliver about 20,000 cataract procedures annually. Their insights and recommendations on how to Empower Staff, Elevate Competence, Enhance Quality and Safety, and Expand their Leadership Effectiveness were well received by an engaged audience. I have since gotten a LinkedIn message from a physician who was in the room. He asked me how he should go about recruiting a Clinical Director of the caliber of these impressive women. Good luck!!

I also served on a panel at the OOSS Symposium/Luncheon. It was great to see so many familiar faces – both colleagues and clients. Looking forward to attending in Washington, DC next year!

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