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Prevent Wrong-Site Spine Surgery

The nature of spine surgery makes the risk of wrong-site errors greater than in any other surgical discipline. Similar-looking vertebrae, patient obesity, anatomic abnormalities and visualization limitations all play a role in surgeons mistaking which area of the spine they intended to work on. Thankfully, there are several solutions available — some expensive, some virtually free of cost — that can help surgeons properly identify the level of the spine that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Source: Outpatient Surgery


How CMS’ Proposals Could Affect ASCs in 2021

CMS released its proposals for 2021 in early August, which made several drastic cuts to payment rates for both general and specialty surgeons. Here is every proposal that could affect ASCs in 2021.

Source: Becker’s ASC Review


How Surgery Centers Can Navigate Post-lockdown Staffing Issues

Staffing during the pandemic has been a key concern, but post-lockdown staffing has its own challenges as well. Post-lockdown, surgery centers are seeing a higher case volume and a huge backlog of cases. Some staff members are taking a vacation because it is summer and that also poses its own staffing challenge. ASCs find themselves doing more surgery from the backlog with fewer staff members.

Source: Mnet Health


FDA: Stop Using Gowns, Including Surgical Gowns, From Laws of Motion PPE

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting health care facility risk managers, procurement staff, and health care providers that gowns sold as medical gowns, including surgical gowns, sold by Laws of Motion PPE ( have potential quality issues that affect the level of fluid barrier protection. The FDA is recommending that gowns manufactured or sold by Laws of Motion PPE should not be used as personal protective equipment at this time while the FDA continues our investigation.

Source: FDA Medical Device Safety


Experts Project Autumn Surge in Coronavirus Cases, With a Peak After Election Day

Infectious-disease experts are warning of a potential cold-weather surge of coronavirus cases — a long-feared “second wave” of infections and deaths, possibly at a catastrophic scale. It could begin well before Election Day, Nov. 3, although researchers assume the crest would come weeks later, closer to when fall gives way to winter.

Source: Washington Post


COVID-19 Pushes More Total Joint Procedures to Surgery Centers

Total joint replacement procedures were already moving in the outpatient direction, but the pandemic has accelerated the shift. Does your surgery center want to join the trend? Here are three crucial elements of building such a program for long-term success.

Source: Outpatient Surgery

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