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Could the Pandemic Mark the End of Surprise Medical Billing?

The White House has said “no” to surprise billing for patients receiving treatment for COVID-19, and hospitals agreeing to accept money as part of the $2 trillion stimulus bill must agree not to engage in the practice. Surprise billing happens when a patient with health insurance is treated at an out-of-network hospital or when an out-of-network doctor assists with the procedure at the hospital. Bills for such services can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Source: Multi-Briefs: Exclusive


HHS Clarifies ASC Eligibility for $30B in COVID-19 Relief Grants

The federal government’s $30 billion in COVID-19 relief grants to Medicare providers are subject to terms and conditions that raised questions for many ASCs, according to the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association.

Source: Becker’s ASC Review


Resources to Assist with Anticipated Drug Shortages

ASCs should be prepared for possible drug shortages due to COVID-19. Not only are these drugs being used in the treatment of COVID-19, but some are manufactured in countries with widespread outbreaks of COVID-19. ASCs should periodically review the information on the US Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) website regarding the current and resolved drug shortages that have been reported to the FDA. Another resource from the FDA provides extended use dates for certain drugs that are in short supply. Read an ASC Focus article to learn the protocols ASCs need to use these extended use drugs safely.

Source: ASCA


Pandemic Hit the ASC Sector Hard, but it’s also Ripe for Recovery

 The ASC sector will be among the hardest hit sectors in the Moody’s U.S. healthcare corporate portfolio, according to a report released on April 21. Moody’s named the ASC, dental and physical therapy sectors as being the hardest hit sectors in healthcare because all rely on elective surgeries, which have been postponed or canceled in many states to combat the coronavirus pandemic. However, the analysts authoring the report also believe these fields could be quick to recover.

Source: Becker’s ASC Review


What Will Post-COVID Healthcare Look Like?

With curves flattening, the capacity for contact tracing increasing and more testing, perhaps the COVID-19 outbreak will recede, and we will return to… “Is there anything really to talk about in terms of ‘back to normal.’ That is probably not what we are looking at here,” said Mark Grube (pronounced GROO-bee) in a recent interview with Managed Healthcare Executive. “We are probably going back to a different reality.”

Source: Managed Healthcare Executive

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