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Total Joints in ASCs—Key Challenges, Opportunities from Dr. Michael Chmell

Michael Chmell, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoIllinois, discusses outpatient total joint replacements in ASCs and where he sees the biggest opportunities in the future. Dr. Chmell will speak on building a successful total joint replacement program at ASCs at the 16th Annual Future of Spine Spine, Orthopedic & Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference in Chicago, June 14-16, 2018.

Source: Becker’s ASC Review


Research Shows Fewer Post-Surgery Adverse Events in ASCs vs. HOPDs

An independent study published in the Journal of Health Economics compares the rate of adverse events, defined as inpatient admissions or ER visits, following outpatient procedures in ASCs and hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs). The study used Medicare claims data focused on physicians who operate in both ASCs and HOPDs to look specifically at the 10 most common procedures in ASC volume. The authors found that patients experienced a reduction in ER visits when undergoing outpatient procedures in ASCs relative to HOPDs. Furthermore, the study considered patient risk, such as a comorbidity, and concluded that the reduction in post-procedure adverse events exists for both low- and high-risk patients. This study offers further evidence that ASCs provide high-volume services more efficiently than HOPDs, but not at the expense of quality of care.

Source: ASCA/Journal of Health Economics


Anesthesia Drug Shortages Negatively Affecting Patient Care, American Society of Anesthesiologists Survey Finds

A national drug shortage crisis is potentially affecting the care received every day for thousands of patients undergoing anesthesia. In an informal ASA member survey, more than 98 percent of respondents noted that they now regularly experience drug shortages at their institutions and more than 95 percent of respondents said the shortages impact the way they treat their patients.

Source: ASCA/Newswise


What if Frontline Staff Demanded Smoke-free ORs?

You can see it and smell it, it can make your eyes sting and your throat sore, yet surgical smoke hangs thick in the air of countless ORs across the country, a health hazard that’s harder to get rid of than a pushy salesman. It seems nothing has worked and everything’s been tried — from passionate pleas from OR nurses tired of working a job that requires them to inhale the smoke of burning tissue to national campaigns and a push to pass laws requiring surgical plume evacuation.

Source: Outpatient Surgery


New York-Presbyterian Opens World-Class Center for Ambulatory Care

NewYork-Presbyterian on April 24 announced the opening of the David H. Koch Center, a world-class ambulatory care center that provides a seamless patient experience from diagnosis to treatment.  The approximately 749,000 square foot facility includes services such as outpatient surgery, interventional radiology, diagnostic imaging, and infusion services as well as integrative health and wellbeing program that will begin in June.

Source: OR Manager/New York Presbyterian Hospital

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