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Patients Beyond Borders Announces Top 10 Cities for Medical Tourists in 2020

America’s rising healthcare costs, in tandem with 82 million un- or underinsured medical consumers, have given rise to a startling trend of medical refugees. In 2020, more than two million American patients will travel to another country in search of more affordable medical treatment, up nearly tenfold from around 250,000 medical travelers just a decade ago.

Source: News Wire


Why Hospitals May Soon Become a Thing of the Past

Typically, when you’re sick, hurt, or not feeling well, you go to a hospital to see a doctor. In the near future, that won’t necessarily be the case: The United States medical system has become increasingly expensive and too often dangerous to one’s health. That’s why some are actively trying to change things.

Source: Healthline


FDA Clears Endoscopy Platform For Use at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The FDA has given 510(k) clearance to the IMAGINA Endoscopy System, an endoscopy platform for gastrointestinal procedures at ambulatory surgery centers, according to a press release from the manufacturer, PENTAX Medical. “It’s a completely new concept in endoscopy, featuring new technology that delivers superior visualization with an attractive cost model,” Stepan Suchanek, MD, PhD, of the Centre for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Czech Republic, said in the release.

Source: Healio


5 ASC Revenue Cycle Areas of Focus for a More Profitable New Year

Looking to jump start your ASC’s cash flow in 2020? Evaluate the areas discussed below to better ensure efficiency and compliance. Based on the results, you may end up making these a part of your ASC’s New Year’s resolutions each year.

Source: Serbin Medical Billing


7 Critical Steps for Financial Success in Your ASC

New and interesting and complex procedures such as cardiology, orthopedic and spine are being performed in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) which makes this a particularly interesting time for the space. The trends driving these more complex procedures into the ASC setting include cost savings, technological advancements, convenience, safety and outcomes, as well as an aging population.

Source: Becker’s AC Review


Ambulatory Surgical Centers: Improving Quality of Operative Spine Care?

Present healthcare reform focuses on cost-optimization and quality improvement. Spine surgery has garnered particular attention; owing to its costly nature. Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) present a potential avenue for expenditure reduction. While the economic advantage of ASCs is being defined, cost saving should not come at the expense of quality or safety.

Source: Global Spine Journal

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