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Q&A: Surgical Care Affiliates CEO Explains Why Ambulatory Surgery Center Industry Lags in Measuring and Paying for Quality

Tony Kilgore is eager to see the ambulatory surgery sector adopt value-based contracting at a higher clip. But the CEO of Surgical Care Affiliates knows it’ll take time. SCA, which operates roughly 210 ASCs nationwide, is pursuing value-based contracts built around quality metrics and has started to explore same-day surgery bundles. SCA was acquired by UnitedHealth Group’s subsidiary Optum in 2017. Kilgore spoke with Modern Healthcare Managing Editor Matthew Weinstock.

Source: Modern Healthcare


4 Top Patient Safety Risks in Ambulatory Care

A watchdog group has identified the top four risks for patient safety at ambulatory care settings, according to a new report. Ambulatory care facilities such as physician offices and outpatient clinics are the most widely used settings in U.S. health care, according to the ECRI Institute PSO report published last week. Ambulatory care settings provide a wide range of services to patients such as consultation, diagnosis, and interventions.

Source: Health Leaders


Improving ASC Collections with ASC Technology

Following a recent webinar presentation on “Leveraging Technology to Enhance ASC Collections,” Jho Outlaw, senior vice president of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS, and Jessica Nelson, director of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS, fielded questions from participants. Here are those questions, along with Outlaw’s and Nelson’s responses, summarized for readability.

Source: Surgical Information Systems


Report: Patients Want More Billing Transparency, Digital Payment Options

A new report, the 2019 Healthcare Consumer Study, was commissioned by Cedar to identify trends in the financial experience for patients. Results show one-third (34%) of U.S. healthcare consumers say they have experienced a medical bill going into collections. However, most of these outstanding bills were not the result of astronomical statement amounts. For the most

part, Cedar found, these bills in collection were the result of poor billing practices on the part of the practice or healthcare organization — or so patients thought.

Source: Multibriefs: Exclusive


Study: Financial Waste in Healthcare Remains Significant

Despite its reputation for saving things, healthcare can be a pretty wasteful environment. In fact, there’s so much excess that nearly a quarter or more of all the money in the sector gets wasted, a new study suggests. The sum of all waste is estimated to range from $760 billion to $935 billion, according to a recent report in JAMA. There’s a small sliver of good news: Things could be worse. The study authors suggest that the amount of waste was worse, by as much as 5%, in 2011.

Source: Multibriefs: Exclusive

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