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10 Areas of Focus to Improve Your ASC Accounts Receivable

Managing your ASC’s revenue cycle begins the day the procedure is scheduled and ends when the patient’s account is paid in full. There are many steps involved to arrive at the desired conclusion. Focusing on the following 10 areas can make the difference as to whether this is an efficient and timely process or whether it gets bogged down somewhere, resulting in an increase in your days in accounts receivable (A/R).

Source: Serbin Medical Billing


Three Health Care Trends Impacting ASC Revenue

There are so many changes happening in the health care space right now that it is sometimes difficult to identify which trends merit your attention and which you can safely ignore. Ambulatory surgery center owners and administrators are dealing with increased patient volumes, changing reimbursement formulas, a rapidly evolving payer mix and a continuously changing regulatory environment.

Source: ASCA/Forbes


Lawmakers Drop Plan to Tax Independent Surgery Centers

An effort to regulate independent surgery centers is moving forward in the Legislature, but lawmakers have dropped two controversial provisions that could have imposed substantial costs on those facilities. The House Health Care Committee‘s version of S.73, which would establish a state licensing structure for ambulatory surgical centers, does not include a provider tax or Green Mountain Care Board budget regulation.

Source: ASCA/VTDigger


Safety: High Time to Address Marijuana

If you don’t ask your patients if they smoke weed, you might want to start. As more states legalize both medicinal (33 states and D.C.) and recreational (10 states and D.C.) cannabis, you can expect to see an increasing number of pot-using patients. In 2017, 1 in 7 Americans had used marijuana, according to a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Overall, 14.6% said they had used cannabis in the past year, while 8.7% said they had used the drug in the past 30 days. While research on marijuana use and its effects during surgery is limited, we know that cannabis has a number of pharmacologic implications.

Source: Outpatient Surgery


Participate in ASCA’s 2019 Salary & Benefits Survey

Data collection for ASCA’s 2019 Salary & Benefits Survey is now open. The survey—which collects national, regional and state data on 20+ ASC positions—is a vital tool that assists ASCs in attracting and retaining the best employees. ASCs can use this survey to compare their compensation packages to similar ASCs, negotiate a raise or determine salary and benefits for a new position.

All ASCs are invited to take the survey, and there is no cost to participate. ASCA members and nonmembers who complete at least 40 percent of the survey will receive personalized results for free. Results will be available in July.

Source: ASCA

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