AMO University Canada makes a big splash!

Regina Boore, MS, BSN, RN, CASC

AMO University has long been the gold standard for refractive surgery staff training. With the dramatic shift of cataract surgery to private centers all across Canada, AMO Canada decided to extend the AMO U focus to the private cataract surgery suite. The day opened with Jon Sickle, the Senior Manager, Business Development and Government Relations, providing an overview of the political and regulatory landscape. He reported there are currently 64 private cataract centers operating or under development.

I gladly accepted the invitation from Chris Baker, Senior Manager Strategic Accounts, to speak on pearls and essentials necessary to “Optimize for Excellence”. I used my 30+ years of experience in ambulatory surgery combined with business insights from giants like Jim Collins and Steve Jobs to challenge the participants to examine themselves and their organizations in light of “best practices” for planning, staffing, operating and leading their private cataract centers.

Christine Lapointe, from Aesthetics 360, focused on Optimization of patient and OD referrals. Amy White, Heather Ready and Yolande Hubner from AMO provided great information and insights on topics like emotional intelligence and leveraging social media. Canadian ophthalmologists operating private centers shared their success stories to top off the day. The attendee feedback was so positive, AMO will likely repeat or expand on the concept next year.

It was a quick trip to Toronto on a beautiful fall weekend. I was scrutinized but not harassed this time, getting through immigration, which was a relief. The One King West Hotel, a historic building in the heart of downtown Toronto, provided and elegant venue for the event. Unfortunately, the meeting date conflicted with my grandmother duty, so I was only able to attend the morning session of the meeting before flying back to babysit my firstborn, and currently one and only grandchild, Aidan. It was an awesome weekend any way you look at it!

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