4 Benchmarks ASC’s Frequently Overlook

  1. Accounts receivable aging. Accounts receivable aging can usually be tracked using the ASC’s billing system. This should be benchmarked internally from quarter to quarter and externally with other national standards.
  2. Staff hours per case. Staffing expenses are usually the largest expense for an ASC. You should examine and track RN, tech, administrative and total staff hours per case. This can be calculated by adding the annual hours worked per year and dividing it by the number of cases performed annually. You can determine the efficiency of your staff relative to the industry by looking for ways to improve efficiency and improve profitability.
  3. Expenses as a percentage of net revenue. You should benchmark all expenses. This can be done by grouping them into categories commonly presented in benchmarks and dividing the dollar amount for the year by the total annual net revenue for the same period.
  4. Percentage of cases and revenue contributed by top physicians. It is important to understand physician utilization as it provides insight into the key sources of revenue for the ASC and the risk associated with that revenue.

Source: Beckers ASC